Useful Tips for Mom & Wanna be

Tips for today…..

Besides using this blog to promote my small and humble business, I will use this blog as a platform to ramble my thoughts and personal opinion which many people will agree or disagree…..

Todays’s tips…..if you are a working mom, I suppose some of you already know this oe have been doing it all while, you might have not enough times with work, picking up children from school/nursery, school homework and daily chores especially if you don’t have helper around you to help ease the burden. Tough isn’t being a mom, you have to wear many shoes and yet seldom get the praise you deserve….anyway stop rambling…straight to the point please…hahahaha…..ok ok…today’s tip will be if you can start sticking up post-it of to do list or shopping list on your double door fridge. Yes….any member of the family can write down their needs and wants to the sticking paper and you’ll not going to miss anyone’s and less trip to the supermarket which is sometimes nerve wrecking what with the busy traffic….phew!!!…..


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